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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Curly hair extensions

Curly hair extensions are now available for three of Rapunzel's most popular methods! The perfect choice if you have natural or permed curly hair. Read more here about our range of products and get tons of styling tips!

Your Curly Hair Guide

Insert, manage and style - The Big Guide to your curly hair.

Clip-on set

Get curly, long hair in just 5 minutes!

Nail Hair

Perfect if you're looking for curly hair extensions which last longer. 

Quick & Easy

Create a natural, curly look with Quick & Easy! 

Styling tips

Comb through the hair before washing it. Start with the tips and work upwards. This makes it easier to straighten out any tangles. If you have combed the hair before washing instead of afterwards, it is easier to keep the shape of your curls. If you still need to untangle it after washing, try using your fingers. The hair does not get as frizzy and the curls stay softer longer.

For more defined curls, let the hair self-dry after washing. For more volume, use a blowdryer with a diffuser. Always use a heat protectant to protect the hair against wear and apply a leave-in cream before you dry it. That way, the curls keep their shape longer.  

Permed hair needs a great deal of moisture. By using shampoo and balsam but also a hair mask. Rapunzel's haircare range is exceptionally moisturising and gives your curly hair extensions a real moisture boost!

Sometimes certain curls can straighten faster than others, usually those closest to your face that you touch more than others. If you don't want to wash the hair, try using a curling iron on the curls to restore their bounce.