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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Quick & Easy Mini

The new Quick & Easy Mini is the perfect complement to your tape-in extensions! The soft, lightweight clip is just 1x1 cm and is invisible around the hairline, sides and bangs. It also makes your braided look and updo even easier to style! 

Quick & Easy - Tape Extensions

Quick & Easy Mini - Tape Extensions

Quick & Easy Mini - Tape Extensions

  1. Part your hair horizontally at the nape of your neck and put the rest up with a clip. 
  2. Remove the protective strip from a hair section. 
  3. Lift small amounts of hair and apply a pre-taped hair section under the hair, 2-3mm below the parting. 
  4. Add a second tape hair section on the top of the parting and press together.
  5. Press them together firmly - use pliers if you wish.  

Hair secrets!
  • The tape method means that the hair can easily be re-used by removing the old tape and replacing with new.  
  • Have fun! Quick & Easy is really effectful for colour highlights so don't be scared of trying out new colours and contrasts to your own. 
  • If possible do not style or wash your hair for at least two days after application.  
  • When washing your hair avoid getting balsam on the tape sections.

Create exciting contrasts in colour

With Quick & Easy you can create highlights and colour contrasts. Choose between loads of different colour and blend together to get just the look you want. 


How to mix:


Purchase two or more packs of hair in differnt colours

When attaching the hair, put colour 1 under and colour 2 over. 

Attach Quick & Easy Mini close to your hairline and your fringe. 

For the larger sections you use Quick & Easy. In this way you can easily mix colours on top and underneath for a beautiful result. 


The Placement Guide

Quick & Easy - Full head hair extension

Quick & Easy - Hair thickening

You need: