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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Rapunzel® Hair Extension Classifications

Rapunzel® is a Swedish supplier of real human hair, hair extensions and related products. Thanks to our wide range of different hair types, attachment methods, colours and lengths, Rapunzel has just the right product for you. No matter what your requirements are or what look you have in mind, Rapunzel will help you find the perfect solution for your hair type. To make sure we meet your every need, Rapunzel carries a broad range of different hair types for you to choose from.

Below is a description of Rapunzel's hair classifications and the differences between our hair extension products.
  • Rapunzel® Original
  • Rapunzel® European
  • Rapunzel® Luxury
  • Rapunzel® Heat Resistant Fiber
  • Rapunzel® Synthetic
Rapunzel® Original is our best-selling hair extension product and suits most people. Its quality is like the Indian/Asian hair type – slightly thicker strands and often quite straight, though it may also have a slight natural wave. This hair is most often naturally dark and comes from China or neighbouring countries in Asia such as Vietnam. It has a slightly coarser structure and is given a stronger chemical treatment by our suppliers to ensure that it achieves the quality, colour, shade and style you want.
  • Genuine human hair
  • Suits all hair types and looks super natural!
  • Great value for money – genuine, premium quality hair at a nice price.
  • You can curl, straighten and style Rapunzel® Original hair any way you like

Differences between Rapunzel's genuine hair extension products

We want to provide you with the best possible information about our different hair classifications. To make sure we do so, Rapunzel conducts quality-control tests. First, our suppliers conduct tests during production. Rapunzel's Quality Controller also conducts regular inspections. We also employ the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) and the Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI) in Stockholm to carry out lab tests on our behalf. This allows us to monitor the quality of our products, provide clear information to our customers and continue product development.

Each hair extension product contains, on average, several thousand individual strands. No two hair is exactly a like. This is human hair, and has undergone different treatments, colourings and processing in order to become an accessory of the quality, colour and style you want. We always strive to provide high quality products.
Rapunzel's Rating
Original condition and treatment
Where does it come from?
Genuine human hair
Withstands heat-based styling (straightening and curling irons)
Lifespan when using recommended care and products
Chemical treatment
Dying by the customer
Images of our hair products taken through a microscope.
Conclusion and Information
Rapunzel® Original
***** 5 stars
Somewhat coarser strands. Similar to the Indian/Asian hair type. Most often straight, but may sometimes have a slight natural wave
Black – may previously have been dyed and bleached
Bleached no more than 12 shades and then dyed
India and Asia
1−3 months (*)
Chemically treated, bleached, dyed and permed
(Results cannot be guaranteed)
Rapunzel® Original
  • Value-for-money hair of good quality.
  • This hair is easy to style, comes in a number of colours and can be used with several attachment methods.
  • The recommended care and products must be applied to be able to use the hair for a longer period of time.
Rapunzel® European
******* 7 stars
Fine strands like the typically European hair type, with a slight natural wave.
Brown – May previously have been dyed
Bleached no more than 6 shades and then dyed
Southern Europe, Kazakhstan & Russia
2−6 months (*)
Bleached/dyed and in some cases only tinted
(Results cannot be guaranteed)
Rapunzel® European
  • For those who want hairpieces from Rapunzel's exclusive range.
  • This hair is soft and easy to manage and keeps its shine and feelingfor a long time.
  • The recommended care and products must be applied to be able to use the hair for a longer period of time.
Rapunzel® Luxury
********** 10 stars
Soft, fine strands like the typical Scandinavian hair type.
Untreated and sold in the same shade as its original colour
Bleached no more than 2 shades and then dyed
Sweden, Scandinavia & northern Europe.
3−12 months (*)
Tinted, sometimes dyed
(Results cannot be guaranteed)
Rapunzel® Luxury
  • Rapunzel's most luxurious hair classification
  • Almost completely untreated hair that can be re-used
  • Available in our most popular colours
  • This hair keeps its feelingand shine for a long time
  • Its strands are very thin and fine
  • The recommended care and products must be applied to be able to use the hair for a longer period of time.
(*) Based on how long our customers ordinarily use their hair extension products. By following our care instruction and using our products, you can extend the life of your hair product. We cannot provide any guarantees as to the lifespan of your hair product. Instead, we provide you with good information and the right tools to help you take the best possible care of your hairpiece. This applies only to the hair's classification and not to how long the method of attachment will last.