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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Quick & Easy Original Straight #6 Brown 20" QE650
$34,20 USD
Rapunzel® Original
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Quick & Easy Original Straight

#6 Brown 20" Product no.QE650
Quick & Easy Original Straight #6 Brown 20
Quick & Easy Original Straight #6 Brown 20 Quick & Easy Original Straight #6 Brown 20 Quick & Easy Original Straight #6 Brown 20
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Quick & Easy – Hair Extensions with tape

Quick and Easy Original hair extensions – a simple and quick method for those who want thicker or longer hair or will create colour effects in their own hair.  The thin application area makes them almost invisible to the eye and therefore are perfect for those of you with thin hair.  

You need: 
2-3 packets for hair thickening. 
4-6 packets for a full head hair extension.
6-10 packets if you have - or would like to have - really thick, voluminous hair.  
  • All you need – hair pre-attached to tape sections which are just the right size!
  • Long hair quickly and easily. 
  • Rapunzel Original is Rapunzel’s biggest selling quality of hair. The hair strands are courser and thicker than normal.  
  • Quick & Easy-method hair can easily be reused.  
  • Straighten, curl and style your extensions just as you desire!
One pack includes: 20 grams hair extensions divided into 8 pre-taped sections. Each section of hair is 4 cm wide and weighs 2.5 grams.  
This is how easy it is:
  1. Wash your hair with Rapunzel Deep Cleansing shampoo before applying the hair extensions.  
  2. Part the hair into various areas.  Lift small amounts of hair and apply a pre-taped hair section under the hair close to the parting.  Add a second tape hair section on the top of the parting and press together.  
  3. If possible do not style or wash your hair for at least two days after application.  
  4. When washing your hair avoid getting balsam on the tape sections.  
Check out our instruction films for more information and inspiration!   

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Rapunzel® Original is our best-selling hair extension product and suits most people. Its quality is like the Indian/Asian hair type – slightly thicker strands and often quite straight, though it may also have a slight natural wave. This hair is most often naturally dark and comes from India and parts of Russia that border Asia, but also from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. It has a slightly coarser structure and is given a stronger chemical treatment by our suppliers to ensure that it achieves the quality, colour, shade and style you want.
  • Genuine human hair
  • Suits all hair types and looks super natural!
  • Great value for money – genuine, premium quality hair at a nice price.
  • You can curl, straighten and style Rapunzel® Original hair any way you like