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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Quick & Easy Original Straight #17 Deep Golden Blond 20" QE1750
£27 GBP
Rapunzel® Original
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Quick & Easy Original Straight

#17 Deep Golden Blond 20" Product no.QE1750
Quick & Easy Original Straight #17 Deep Golden Blond 20
Quick & Easy Original Straight #17 Deep Golden Blond 20 Quick & Easy Original Straight #17 Deep Golden Blond 20 Quick & Easy Original Straight #17 Deep Golden Blond 20
In stock for immediate delivery.

Quick & Easy - Hair Extensions with Tape


Quick & Easy hair extensions - an easy and quick method for you who wants a nice hair extension or stylish colour effects.
  • All you need - ready bits with tape in a perfect size!
  • Long hair quickly an easily
  • The hair extension is easy to re-use
  • Our genuine hair extensions you can curl and style as you wish!


THIS IS INCLUDED: 20 grams of hair divided into 8 pre-taped bits, 1.6" wide & 2.5 grams/bit. 


MISCELLANEOUS: Normally you need 2-3 packages for a thickening, 4-6packages for a complete hair extension and 6-10 packages for a super hair extension if you want really thick hair. We recommend that you mix colours to achieve a natural look.

Order your Quick & Easy hair extensions today and we guarantee you a fast delivery!

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Rapunzel® Original is our best-selling hair extension product and suits most people. Its quality is like the Indian/Asian hair type – slightly thicker strands and often quite straight, though it may also have a slight natural wave. This hair is most often naturally dark and comes from India and parts of Russia that border Asia, but also from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. It has a slightly coarser structure and is given a stronger chemical treatment by our suppliers to ensure that it achieves the quality, colour, shade and style you want.
  • Genuine human hair
  • Suits all hair types and looks super natural!
  • Great value for money – genuine, premium quality hair at a nice price.
  • You can curl, straighten and style Rapunzel® Original hair any way you like