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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Tape-on Extensions

You simply attach the tape on hair extensions by Rapunzel with a double sided tape on to your own hair. The Skin weft hair extensions method is suitable for most persons but specially for those with slightly thinner hair who want it to be thicker and longer. The special skin weft surface looks like your own skin making your skin weft hair extensions look very natural. Tape on, as they also are called, can be re-used several times without problems. Quick & Easy is just as the name implies a very simple and fast method for you who wish to obtain long hair by using hair extensions. The package contains totally 20 grams of hair divided into 8 strands which are furnished with an adhesive tape. The method is perfectly suited for a complete hair extension or to create something extra. It is practically invisible thanks to the thin fastening area. Choose the colours you wish for your hair extension or use an other colour for nice effects.
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