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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Home > Sale > Nail Hair Original Straight #12 Golden Brown 28"
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Nail Hair Original Straight #12 Golden Brown 28" NH1270R
£32 GBP
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Nail Hair Original Straight #12 Golden Brown 28
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Nail Hair Original Straight #12 Golden Brown 28
Nail Hair Original Straight #12 Golden Brown 28

Nail Hair Original Straight #12 Golden Brown 28"

Product no. NH1270R
Select color:
#6001 Lightest Blond 16#60 Light Blond 16#613 Light Golden Blond 16#60K Light Blond 16#22 Honey Blond 16#24 Strawberry Blond 16#P24/60 Light Golden Blond Mix 16#18K Ash Rose Blond 50 cm#18 Dark Blond 16#14 Cendre Ash Blond 50 cm#20 Natural Ash 50 cm#P18/60 Scandinavian Blond 16#P27/613 Summer Blond 16#12 Golden Brown 16
#10 Medium Ash Brown 16#P8/24 Strawberry Brown Mix 16#P6/27 Golden Brown Mix 16#8 Copper Brown 16#6 Brown 16#30 Dark Copper Brown 16#27 Medium Golden Blond 16#17 Deep Golden Blond 20#16 Light Copper 16#130 Deep Copper Blond 20#33 Mahogny Brown 16#99J Dark Mahogny Brown 20#350 Light Mahogny 20#530 Raspberry Mahogny 20#19 Dark Ash Brown 50 cm#4 Dark Brown 16#3 Coffee Brown 50 cm#2 Chocolate Brown 16#1B Black Brown 16#1 Black 16#Blueberry 20#Red Fire 20#Purple 20#Pink Candy 20
Select length here:

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(RRP - Price: £36,27)

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Pre Bonded Nail Hair Extensions


For you who wants the hair extensions to last for a long time. Ths is the most popular of Rapunzel's hair extensions products!
  • Pre bonded nail hair strands made of real hair.
  • The extensions are easily attached by using the connector iron.
  • Mix several colours to obtain a natural result.
  • Our genuine hair extensions you can curl and style as you wish!

THIS IS INCLUDED: 20 grams of hair divided into 20 strands. Each strand weighs 1 gram.

MISCELLANEOUS: Normally you need 1-3 packages for a thickening, 4-7 packages for a complete hair extension and 7-10 packages for a super hair extension if you want really thick hair. We recommend that you mix colours to achieve a natural look.


Order your Pre bonded - Nail hair extensions today and we guarantee you a fast delivery!



Hair Chains - A nice accessory for your hair
Sparkling Champagne - Eyeshadow palette
Smokey Nights  - Eyeshadow palette
Hair Cuff - Gold
Nice detail for your hairdo
Hair Cuff - Gold Rapunzel logotype
Nice detail for your hairdo
Exclusive gold jewel for hair extensions
Make your hairdo nicer


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Accessories for Extensions - Accessories kit
Accessories for Extensions - Pliers for Removing Nail Hair Extensions