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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Nail Hair

Welcome to Rapunzel of Sweden ! We offer high quality pre bonded nail hair extensions. Visit our website for more information about our products. Nail hair NAIL HAIR EXTENSIONS is the answer for you who wish to get long, LUXURIOUS and beautiful hair extensions. Pre bonded Nail Hair extensions can be both beautiful and practical. Rapunzel's pre bonded nail hair extensions are available for everyone and our hair extensions are of a high quality. These hair extensions are delivered with a pre bonded nail tip mede of wax. You attach the extensions using heat.

Pre bonded Hair Extensions can be used for several reasons, for adding extra texture to your hair or giving it the new length you desire. With pre bonded hair extensions you can easily get the hair of your dreams! Here you will find an assortment of different lengths and colours to specifically match your hair.
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