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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Clip-on set European Straight #10 Medium Ash Brown 20" EUCLO10R
£135,99 GBP
Rapunzel® European
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Clip-on set European Straight

#10 Medium Ash Brown 20" Product no.EUCLO10R
Clip-on set European Straight #10 Medium Ash Brown 20
Clip-on set European Straight #10 Medium Ash Brown 20 Clip-on set European Straight #10 Medium Ash Brown 20 Clip-on set European Straight #10 Medium Ash Brown 20
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1 pack for longer hair.
2 packs for thick hair/if you desire a ’big hair’ look.

Rapunzel European - Clip-on set


Long hair in 5 minutes, a complete set to get the hair of your dreams - the hairdressing you have wished to have.
  • Complete set of hair extensions - your clip on set consists of 7 parts = 110 grams.
  • Clip on set - real European hair
  • Attach your hair extensions easily by opening and closing by bending the clip.
  • Our genuine hair extensions you can curl and style as you wish!

THIS IS INCLUDED: 110 grams divided into 7 ready made parts with pre-attached clips. The parts are specially designed to allow variation and are perfectly adapted to your hairdressing. 


PRODUCT DETAILS: 1 part, 8" wide with 4 clips, 2 parts, 6" with 3 clips, 2 parts, 4" with 2 clips, och 2 parts 2" with one clip each.


MISCELLANEOUS: Normally you need 1 set for a complete hair extension and 2 sets if yu have very thick hair or wish to create a voluminous hair dressing. A complete set - all you need to get long hair!

Order your European clip on hair extensions today and we guarantee you a fast delivery! 

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Rapunzel® European has finer strands, like European hair. These genuine human hair extensions come from southern Europe and parts of Russia that lie closest to the Nordic region. The hair is most often naturally brown, and in some cases ash-blonde, and so is bleached less before colouring, which means less damage. European hair often has a slight natural wave after washing. This hair best suits people with very thin hair, or anyone who wants to add a bit more volume to their hair.
  • Genuine human hair
  • Suits those who want hair extensions with a European feeling
  • Has a slight natural wave and is soft to the touch.
  • Has not been treated with such strong chemicals and so is less damaged.
  • You can curl, straighten and style Rapunzel® European hair any way you like.
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