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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Clip-in Ponytail Honey Brown 16" 12PONY40
44€ EUR
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Clip-in Ponytail Honey Brown 16
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Clip-in Ponytail Honey Brown 16
Clip-in Ponytail Honey Brown 16
Clip-in Ponytail Honey Brown 16

Clip-in Ponytail Honey Brown 16"

Product no. 12PONY40
Select color:
Blond 16Golden Blond 16Dark Ash Blond 16Honey Brown 16
Golden Brown 16Mocca Brown 16Chocolate Brown 16Chestnut Brown 16Dark Brown 16Intense Black 16
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Rapunzel Clip-in Ponytail - Synthetic Hair Extensions


Get youself a long and nice ponytail even if your own hair is short!
  • Natural clip in ponytail, hides your hair for a natural result.
  • Clip-in Ponytail can be flattened at low temperatures up to 190 deg C. 
  • Attach your ponytail easily by closing the hook-and-loop fastener.
  • Suites well even for other hairdos.

This is included: Complete Clip-in Ponytail, gives you a long and nice ponytail without visible fastenings.


Product details: One 16" long ponytail and a 10 cm wide net ribbon with comb. A 10 cm long hook-and-loop fastener and a 16" long hair extension on the side.


Miscellaneous: With one singel attaching you can get the ponytail you always have dreamed about. Attach it easily by hooking the comb behind the rubber band which holds your ponytail. Attach the hook-and-loop fastener and pull the loose hairpiece around it. Secure it with a tarpin and you have the perfect ponytail.

Order your Clip-in Ponytail today and we will guarantee a speedy delivery!




Clip-in Ponytail
Long hair for your hairdo
Have a fringe whenever you want
Synthetic Clip-in set
Rapunzel® Synthetic