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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Double sided silicon tape - Approx. 90" SilikonTejp2,3m
29,99 € EUR
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Double sided silicon tape - Approx. 90"

 Product no.SilikonTejp2,3m
Double sided silicon tape - Approx. 90 Double sided silicon tape - Approx. 90 Double sided silicon tape - Approx. 90
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29,99 €

Double sided silicon tape - For skin weft

Quantity: Approx. 90"


Attaching tape on hairpieces:

  1. Attach the tape onto selected hairpiece, avoid touching the tapes surface.
  2. Cut the tape at the end of the hairpiece.
  3. Press the tape firmly onto the surface; make sure there’s no air between the hairpiece and the tape. 

This is how you attach extensions with tape onto your hair: 

  1. Make a section in your hair where you want the extension to be located.
  2. Attach the extension with the tape downwards, just under the section.
  3. Lift the extension to remove excess hair, some of the tapes surface should be visible between the hairs.
  4. Attach an extension of the same size onto the opposite side in this order: extension - tape- hairs - tape - extension.

Remove the tape by using Rapunzel XL Bonding remover.


Before attaching the tape, use Rapunzel Deep Cleansing Shampoo to make sure that your hair is free from products such as oil. Do not touch the silicon surface.
If you want to re-use your skin weft extensions, or if it has come into contact with oil (fingers, conditioner), clean the PU surface with alcohol before use.
Products containing oil or alcohol can have negative effects on the tapes surface. Therefore avoid them to ensure long durability.


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