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Fusion Connector - For Nail Hair Pink FusionTangR
34,99 € EUR
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Fusion Connector - For Nail Hair

Pink Product no.FusionTangR
Fusion Connector - For Nail Hair Pink
Fusion Connector - For Nail Hair Pink
Fusion Connector - For Nail Hair Pink
Fusion Connector - For Nail Hair Pink
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34,99 €
40,99 €

Fusion Connector – For applying Nail Hair Extensions

  • Ergonomically designed for applying hair extensions. 
  • Specially developed for attaching Nail Hair extensions.
  • One year guarantee! 
  • Cable length: 2,25 meter (90”)
  • Heat up to 200 ºC
  • 220-240V, 25W

Product: Fusion Connector for applying Nail Hair extensions.

Attaching: Make a section horizontally in your own hair. You start at the back of your neck and work upwards. Attach protection plate (s), and pull out your own hair through the hole (s). Place the wax nail hair tip under your own hair, and apply heat thoroughly, so the wax is melted through. Finish by pressing firmly and shape the wax with your fingers into your own hair. It is important that the nail is fused into your hair and not just around the hair. You repeat this procedure until you have achieved the desired result.

Information: You need approx. 40 - 140 strands for a complete pre bonded nail hair extension. Normally 100 pre bonded nail hair extensions strands are needed.

Nail Hair has U-shaped nails which are attached by using wax. Your hair extensions last for a long time if they are used properly, but they are, at the same time, easy to remove. By using recommended methods there will be no damage to your own hair.


For more information about how you attach your Nail Hair extensions – See Rapunzel-TV.

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